Adventurous travel to Greece in September

Greece is one of the Europe’s popular travel destinations where you can explore ancient ruins, sunny beaches, whitewashed villages, and beautiful atmosphere. There are thousands of islands and mountainous mainland which offers amazing landscapes, nightlife sites, and historic sites. Due to the recent collapse of the economy, you can easily organize an affordable trip to Greece. Things nearly cost half as they charge in other parts of Europe. It is one of the famous destinations during September where most of the people travel to feel the sunshine on beautiful islands and explore historical places.

A beautiful city in Greece: Thessaloniki

It is the second largest city in Greece which is the most popular destination for travel preferable by various tourists. Mikra Airport is the nearest International Airport from where you can book your flights. This place is built near the sea which gives it a special beauty and charm. Social events, amazing nightlife, and energetic festival activities make it the best travel destination for people. You can explore taverns and nightclubs by organizing a trip to this location. Travelling can be a full of excitement and enthusiastic experience that one can have in a lifetime. Travelling to this beautiful place can be a very peaceful experience where you can explore new people, places, and islands.

Best accommodations at a reasonable price:

You can avail accommodations at reasonable prices while opting out this destination for travel. For the family, the hostels normally cost 10-30 Euro and 25-30 for private rooms per night. There are various facilities that they provide which include a private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, television, a refrigerator, air-conditioning, and breakfast. You can also find shared rooms in case of traveling alone on a low budget. With these accommodations near the beautiful sites and amazing nightlife, you can enjoy each and every moment of your journey.

Delicious food:

Greece is known for the amazing and delicious food items. With a fresh Mediterranean diet, you can get your hands on grilled meats, fresh vegetables, yogurt, and feta cheese. Restaurants normally cost 20 Euro for a complete dinner which quite reasonable. With an added wine to the dinner, you just have to pay 10 Euro extra. A luxurious restaurant, a meal begins at 30 Euro but if you want to eat cheap like gyros which are around 3 Euro. You can also cook your meals by yourself that will include chicken, pasta, vegetables, and other basic food much conveniently.

Transportation facilities:

There are thousands of islands that you can explore in this amazing country. A normal trip usually costs around 36 Euros which further reduces to 12-15 Euros if the islands are closer. On booking the ferries before two months can help you save up to 25% of your ticket. By choosing an overnight ferry can save you half of the cost and accommodation cost too. Slow ferries usually cost 13-15 Euros which is very convenient. Hence, planning a trip to Greece can be worth remembering and full of excitements.

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