A Romantic Vacation in Australia : Things you must do

The enchanting natural beauty of Australia can be summed up in three words – Pure, Tranquil and Untouched. This part of the world will definitely make your love bloom with many colours.

1. Go for a seaplane ride over the Heart Reef

Nestled in the flamboyant Great Barrier Reef, the Heart Reef is surely a ideal place for lovebirds. Go for a seaplane ride to witness the heavenly beauty, enjoy a romantic dinner on the beautiful white sands of Whitehaven Beach or drench yourself in the pristine blue waters of the famous Whitsunday Islands.

2. Dine under open sky at Sounds of Silence of Uluru

Set against the canvas of the magnificent Uluru, Sounds of Silence pledges a unique romantic dining experience. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner under the starry sky with your sweetheart. Uluru is also regarded as one of Australia’s most notable landmarks and it is a World Heritage Site.

3. Experience the incredible view with a Twilight Bridge Climb at Sydney

It is said that a city becomes most romantic at twilight, when the setting sun colours the horizon in a red-gold hue. And there is no other place than the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to get a better view of the city. A climb across this iconic structure takes about three and a half hours.

4. Stay at an underground hotel at Coober Pedy, South Australia

Experience a romantic coziness at a underground hotel at Coober Pedy. In the summer months most of the city’s inhabitants takes refuge to unique underground residences called ‘dugouts.’

5. Pamper your sweetheart at one of Australia’s famous lavish retreats.

At the lap of the national parks, overseeing the ocean or amidst the desert sands, Australia’s luxury retreats are famous for their grandeur and remoteness. Head to the Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island or the Southern Ocean Lodge at Kangaroo Island to have a lavish romantic date.

6. Hot air balloon ride over Yarra Valley

Floating among the clouds over the verdant greenery of Yarra Valley is a perfect romantic experience . Yarra Valley has lot more to offer with its rich art and culture, famous wine regions and its charming parks and gardens.

7. Drive along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

You, your loved one, a top open car and the picturesque Great Ocean Road – you cant ask for more on a romantic holiday. With the natural wonders like the Twelve Apostles spicing up the way, this beautiful stretch will make you fall in love again.

8. A concert at the Sydney Opera House

Australia is synonymous with the beautiful Sydney Opera House. The iconic shell roof has become a definitive symbol of the country. And nothing could be more romantic than witnessing a performance at the Sydney Opera House.

9. Walk under the green canopy of Daintree Rainforest

This place seems like it was made for the romantic souls. Hand in hand, taking a stroll through the exuberant green forests of the Daintree, engulfed only by your thoughts and the distinct sound of the jungle. Daintree Rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest of Australia and also a World Heritage Site.

10. Visit the Remarkable Rocks of Kangaroo Island

Located by the margin of the sea at Flinders National Park, the Remarkable Rocks are superbly balanced boulders. Created by 500 million years of sea spray and rain, the charming rocks also provide the fitting vantage point for the spectacular Casuarina Islets. A perfect destination for a romantic evening out with your loved one.

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