US Tour – An Everlasting Sweet Experience

USA, one of the most diverse and largest countries of the world, boasts of some amazing tourist destinations that promise to provide everlasting sweet experiences to all visitors. From the skyscrapers of Chicago and New York to the natural bounties of Yellowstone and Alaska—USA has a lot on its cards. Here we explore some of the top attractions of its engaging destinations.  

White House

White House–the official residence cum office of the President of the United States is an inspiring monument founded between 1792 and 1800. The sprawling landscapes and magnificent layouts of White House can be visited by placing advance requests through your country’s US Ambassador.

Denali National Park  

Located in the interiors of Alaska and boasting of Mount McKinley—the highest peak in North America, the Denali National Park protects a wilderness area that has flourishing habitats of caribou, moose, wolves, grizzly bears and numerous other species of animals.  

Las Vegas Strip

Tucked in the midst of the southern Nevada Desert, Las Vegas is also referred to as the “Gambling Mecca of the world”. Brimming with casinos, Las Vegas Boulevard South also features many giant mega-casino hotels, bars and restaurants. The names and themes of its casinos evoke romance, intrigue and mystery and are visited by serious gamblers and tourists alike.  

Florida Keys

Florida Keys is a 120 mile long series of tropical islands which curves around the base of Florida peninsula. A number of bridges, including the spectacular Seven Mile Bridge in the Lower Keys; connect this thriving tourist destination to the mainland. Florida Keys is the location for several blockbusters of the likes of True Lies, Fast 2 Furious and US Highway 1.  


Kilauea, the most recent of volcanoes leading to the creation of the Hawaiian Archipelago, boasts of thirty-three eruptions since 1952. This tourist destination awes visitors with its sharply sloping peaks and remnants of volcanic activity.  

Niagara Falls

Situated between the province of Ontario and the state of New York, Niagara Falls is arguably the most spectacular natural wonder of North America. Its three falls– Bridal Veil Falls, America Falls and Horseshoe Falls, are visited by millions of excited tourists from across the world. 

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is the famous suspension bridge connecting the strait between San Francisco and Marin County to the north. Completed in 1937, Golden Gate Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world.  


Yellowstone National Park was founded in 1872 and preserves a large number of hot springs, geysers, hot springs and other thermal areas. Its rugged beauty and incredible wildlife enthralls tourists with natural habitats of deer, elk, bison, black bears, grizzly bears and wolves. A must visit indeed!
Manhattan, the Grand Canyon, Disneyland and scores of other places in the USA attract people with their colorful ambiance, diversity of culture and ethnicity and pulsating opulence. With an exhaustive range of resorts, beaches, parks, amusement centers and places of historical and religious significance to its credit.

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