10 Best Indian Sea side destinations apart from Goa

Goa is definitely the top beach destination of India. Millions of people visit this famous tourist getaway throughout the year. Here we have listed few more Indian beaches which also have a great charm and worthy enough to make a trip.   

1.  Anjarle, Maharashtra

The drive to Anjarle is very long and tiring. But this heavenly place is worthy enough for this gruesome journey. 220 kms away from the city of Mumbai, the pristine waters and white beaches of this place are almost virgin.

2. Kovalam, Kerala

With a 17 kms long coastline, Kovalam is the perfect spot if you want immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Kovalam consists of three beaches and It’s famous for two things – The sunset and the vintage lighthouse.

3. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Radhanagar beach of Havelock is known for its pristine blue waters and white sands. The place is an ideal getaway for scuba diving and snorkelling. The breathtaking beauty of this island will definitely give you an out of the world experience.

4. Tarkarli, Maharashtra

Tarkarli is the only certified scuba diving joint of the state which offers a lot of water-sports activities. Apart from the blue waters and colourful coral reefs, Tarkarli is famous for its dolphins.

5.  Puri Beach, Odisha

Puri is known for India’s best beach art and Beach festivals. It is a great place to visit if you want rediscover your artistic side.

6. Devka Beach, Daman and Diu

Golden sands,palm trees, a dense stretch of coconut trees and cool sea-breeze throughout the year – This is the beautiful Devka Beach. Indulge in the exciting water adventures like jet skiing and para-sailing or just relax on the beach with a bottle cold beer. This place will leave you mesmerized with all its calm and serene beauty.

7. Agatti Island, Lakshadweep

Agatti Island has a great variation of coral fish and is best known for its pristine clear waters. That makes it a perfect spot in India for scuba diving, kayaking and snorkelling

8. Ramakrishna Beach,  Andhra Pradesh

Vizag’s Ramakrishna Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast of the country. The beach is famous for the activities like sunbathing, swimming and beach volleyball.

9. Nagaon, Maharashtra

Sparkling black beaches with muddied waters creates a different charm at Nagaon. This is a place of excellent sea-food and a variety of water sports.

10. Diveagar, Maharashtra

This pristine tourist destination boasts of soft, sparkling sands, colourful crabs, and gentle waters dotted with rocky patches. A delightful place to have a perfect beach vacation.

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  1. I always love the beach vacations. It recovers me from deep depressions and re-energize me with all the positive thoughts. Recently I have traveled to Puri beach and I could say this is one of the best beaches in India. With beautiful white sands, twinkling sea waves, cool blow of wind, and scrumptious sea foods, it's making the atmosphere vibrant and lively. The most important part in the Puri beach is, the mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets. Looking for another quick visit to this beautiful place.

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