Top tourist destinations of Iceland : The land of fire and ice

Iceland is a country of raw nature and breathtaking beauty with all its geysers, waterfalls, glaciers and black sand beaches. The top tourist destinations of Iceland may not be as popular as other natural wonders of the world but you will surely feel a deep connection with the nature.


The attractive geothermal area of Haukadalalur is located in the Golden Circle of South West Iceland. Here you will find the famous Geysir, but you must be lucky enough to witness its eruption.
But the little twin Strokkur is active at its best. Its magnificent jet of water happens few minutes apart which goes up 15 to 20 meters high and sometimes it doubles that.

Jokulsarlon Beach

The beautiful lagoon of Jokulsarlon is one of the most popular touristic spots of the south coast of Iceland. Here you will see huge icebergs coming from the glacier.
The icebergs travel through a channel into the sea and the floats it back to the shore. You can approach these giant blocks of ice and touch them. The white, black and blue icebergs look stunning against the black sand and the waves and you can literally touch these giants.


Hverir in North Iceland is a geothermal area where you can feel the Earth boiling underneath and the powerful gas is coming up from the mud pools. This natural wonder is intensified by the rugged landscape and the red Namafjall hill in the backdrop.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is famous for its spa and it attracts a large number of tourists. Though the lagoon is man-made, the geothermal water comes from 2,000 meters underneath the surface.


Can you think about walking through a field of burning lava ? Well, here you can have this amazing experience. The walking track around Leirhnjukur goes through a steaming stretch of lava. But you will have to stick to the track if you don’t want to melt your shoes.


Lake Myvatn’s  pseudo-craters are the offspring of a rare phenomenon where the water gets trapped under the lava. Certainly a great natural wonder which you cant afford to miss.


Aldeyjarfoss is unique waterfall where  you can witness volcanic activity and erosion of the glacier at the same time.
Here you can admire the different shapes of basalt columns created from the volcanic events. The powerful flow of water has created a passage which makes it possible to witness this natural phenomenon.


Dimmuborgir in North Iceland is a must visit for you if you want to travel back in time. The huge lava formations will enthrall you with all its primitive beauty. Here the nature is virgin at its best.

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