Immerse Yourself in a Carnivorous Culinary Adventure

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Last Updated on March 13, 2024

Are you a carnivore who craves unique and immersive dining experiences? You’re in luck. A new type of hands-on culinary adventure is now available, thanks to Tagged Out Kitchen

“Immerse yourself” takes on new meaning at Tagged Out Kitchen, where wild game cuisine isn’t just about the final dish—it’s about the journey. From the thrill of hunting to preparing and cooking, participants become integral players in a culinary expedition. Guided by Chef Lance, this immersive adventure unfolds against the backdrop of sustainable practices, wildlife conservation, and a profound connection to the land.

“Every meal tells a story,” Chef Lance Lewis believes, and his approach to culinary events at is nothing short of storytelling. As participants embark on a bespoke journey, the chef crafts an experience tailored to desires and expectations, transforming each event into a narrative of flavors, techniques, and unforgettable moments.

“For me the most memorable experiences are the first hunts. For new and first time hunters there is a lot of self reflection in their first successful harvest. Giving them the tools to feel confident in that moment is huge. For some this will open the door to confidently and ethically pursue hunting further. With that said there are some who will not choose to, but hopefully take away a new perspective of hunting and hunters,” explains Chef Lance. 

Chef Lance is based in Colorado, but encourages adventurers from all locations and walks of life to experience the world of wild game cuisine like never before. 

He elaborates, “All of my private events start with a comprehensive consultation where I elaborate on what Tagged Out Kitchen is capable of, as well as a discussion of the desired outcomes the client is looking for. Once this has been established I draw on my experience to create an outcome that fulfills the client’s needs while formulating a plan to achieve the desired outcome.”

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