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Last Updated on January 12, 2023 by Maria Kennedy

In the era of growing interest in coffee, it is obvious that the manufacturers must produce new devices. One of these innovative and creative devices is a sample roaster. To talk more about it, you should know first, what is sample roasting. You will find out the answer to this question below.

What is sample roasting?

The easiest definition of sample roasting is roasting small amounts of green coffee per batch. To give you a wider perspective, you can imagine a commercial coffee roaster used in coffee factories. These machines are large, capable of roasting huge amounts of coffee per batch. The hourly output is over 100-120 kg on average. Every minute counts, every hour is precious, that is why there is no time for roasting small amounts of green coffee beans at once.

In comparison to that, the sample roasters are the opposite. Sample coffee roasters are small devices designed for home users or for coffee places who want to promote their products. It is a perfect device for someone who wants to experiment with coffee roasting. You can roast 50 g of green coffee beans at once. This is enough for a few coffee cups. Imagine to drink freshly roasted and then freshly ground coffee. You can discover a completely new palette of multiple flavors.

Sample roasting requires some sort of knowledge as well. You should know kinds of roast profiles, what temperature is right, and how long you should roast coffee beans. Once you know this, you can play with different coffee roast profiles, and taste new fresh coffee notes. Depending on the green coffee beans’ origin, and of course the roast profile, the result might surprise you.

Sample roaster – coffee for everyone

As it was said before, a sample roaster is a great idea for those who have never tried coffee roasting, or for those who would like to encourage their customers to buy their products. If you are wondering, what product might meet your expectations, you can check out the Santoker Q5 sample roaster. It is a wonderful device, easy in maintenance and use. This smart and portable device allows you to customize roast profiles that suit you best.

The dedicated app should help you with choosing the accurate temperature and control the whole process. You can control the temperature, air flow, or save your favorite and proven roast profile and replay it next time. You don’t need to worry that you will forget the perfect settings. What is also really important, with coffee roasters in general, is the ease of cleaning. Nobody wants to spend many hours on cleaning the certain parts of their coffee roasting machine.

Thankfully, you can easily remove the residue of coffee that stuck inside. It is important to keep your device clean. It can otherwise have a negative influence on the taste of coffee. Keep that in mind to avoid a disappointment.  The Santoker Q5 is also a great tool to check the quality of coffee in a sample before placing a big order, thanks to which you can save time and money.

Is sample roasting beneficial?

It can be a difficult question to answer because it is directly connected to your business. If you want to extend your shop and start selling your own coffee, a sample roaster might be a great help. You can use it as an asset to lure more regular clients. The higher quality of your products, the more customers you gain, and, as a result, the more money you make.

You know by now what is sample roasting, so you should bear that in mind that such a solution has plenty of advantages. Besides that, if you would like to roast some coffee for a home-use, you can actually buy the same product. Compact, portable, smart, innovative, and effective – these are the best terms that describe the device mentioned before.

Sample roasting is a great start for the beginners in the world of coffee roasting, but it can be a great idea for promoting your coffee shop. Coffee that you roasted by yourself will taste one hundred times better than a store-bought product. Begin your coffee roasting journey today!

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