The Grand Teton national Park comes under the authorities of United States national parks and is situated in the North Western region of Wyoming. The Park measures up to 310,000 acres and has a long historical background. It also has the mountain range which 40 miles long which makes it the best tourist destination spot. For the nature lovers, for those who want a break from their busy life and hectic schedules, for those who want to taste the love of Mother Nature and are bored while living in the urban jungle, they must visit this place which is more than heaven.
The flora and fauna in this perk exist since the pre-historic times and are still preserved as the same. You can find more than 1000 species of such plants, flowers and herbs. There are many species of mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles etc. The Grand Teton National Park has a diverse eco-system. The ecologists have made the best efforts to preserve the natural resources and the inhabitants of these areas. This park is a hot spot destination especially for the hikers, mountaineers, fishers and also for other recreational activists. There are many hiking trails and camping areas and is best known for the trout fishing.
To accommodate the visitors there are many privately owned lodges, motels, marines and resorts, which serve you well on your stay. The interior of these residing places are so marvelously designed that it reminds you of the historic inhabitation and are fully equipped with modern facilities. You won’t regret with your visit in the Grand Teton national Park, Wyoming.

Discovering the Mother Nature at Grand Teton national Park

The most visited National Park, The Tetons truly works ahead to take your breath away. The nature, the residing areas, the flora and fauna, the natural mountainous ranges, the natural inhabitants all are welcoming you to feel and enjoy the touch of nature. With wasting any further time, book your air tickets and take the first flight to Wyoming. You can also plan the trip by road and reach this place. Some of the exciting features to see at the Grand Teton national Park
Wildlife: If you love the wildlife, then this park is the perfect destination for you. Here you can find plenty of wild inhabitants like Mountain Lions, bears, wolves, beavers, weasels etc.
The Jenney Lake: Wind up your car and drive along the scenic view of the lake and enjoy the mountains. The scenic beauty at this place is overwhelming and the experience you get here is beyond your imagination.
The Jackson Lake: It is the largest high altitude lake across the United States and has numerous fishes residing in it. A perfect destination for those who love fishing and here you can find different varieties of trout fish.
Death Canyon: Don’t confuse with the name, it is a safe hiking destination for the hikers. Here you can hike through the pine forest and gaze up on the Phelps Lake.
Mormon Row: It is a place with historic background and here you can learn about the early inhabitants. The way they lived and different facts about the community.

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