Discover the untouched wild side of China

China is one of the most favorable tourist destinations if you are seeking for an extraordinary wildlife adventure. Today, here we will discuss wild life side of China which is quite untouched. While considering a traveling plan for visiting China, the most interesting part will have a look on the wild side. This will surely build a new experience in your traveling. In China, there are numerous places which are covered by forests. The rivers and bamboo forest of China are the main sources of attraction. Through various cruise services, one can travel to Yangtze River from China. They will provide you best services under affordable price.

The wild side of China:

The information of Chinese wildlife will be incomplete if not mention about Panda Bears, Chinese Alligator, Siberian tiger and much more. Most of you have must seen these animals in Hollywood movies, experiencing them in front of your eyes will surely come under unforgettable memories. There is a number of places to visit in China some of them are mentioned below. While travelling to the forests areas you can take help of cruise services.

Food available on wild side:

While travelling through cruise you will find the restaurants, where one can enjoy the delicious food items. The noodles, proper street kebabs and many more items are available for the visitors. Non-vegetarian food stuff is quite famous in all around areas of China. In cruise restaurants you can also enjoy bars and restaurant services.

Yangtze River wildlife:

It is the longest river of Asia and plays an important role as a lifeline which serves over millions of people. This river comes across through the Kunlun Mountains to the north of Shanghai. Here one can view the water animal lifestyle, which is a kind of complete family adventure trip.

  • Chinese Alligators are there which are almost 5 feet in length and weight is about 45 kilograms, Yangtze River.
  • Dolphins are there which also named as “river pigs”.
  • Chinese Golden Monkeys are there which sustain their lifestyle at Yunnan-Tibetan areas and Yangtze River.

Large species of China:
In above description, there is an overview of small species that are found beneath the water. The forest nearby Yangtze is well-known for the species such as Tibetan Antelope, Mongolian gazelle, Snow Leopard and Giant Panda are there. These are the cutest animals and are found in the central western, southwestern regions of China. To increase the wildlife of China, government is implementing various protective steps.

Current reports of China wild side:

We all are aware of the fact that due to increase in global warming, the animal species are reducing day by day. Due to increase rate of the population nowadays the rivers are using for commercial purposes. So, because of this, it is difficult for animals to sustain their lifestyle. You will completely shock by the news that almost 57 bridges area across the North China to South China.

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