Explore the Nikoi Island of Indonesia this September

Nikoi Island of Indonesia

This gorgeous Island is 10 kilometers off the Coast of Bintan Indonesian Island. The maximum height of the Nikoi Island is 30 meters and this isle surrounded by white sand beaches having white granite stone along with the coral reef off shore. It is one of the private Isles in the world. The wonderful fact about this isle is that there are fifteen beach houses for the visitors. Along with this, you can also find a magnificent coast. Actually, the staff members of the coast make your traveling experience incredible. The staff endows all their services to the visitors with a huge smile on their face. The best time to visit this island is from March to November.

You Never Get Bored on this Lovely Island

The travelers do not get bored because of lots of water activities including windsurfing, kayaking, diving, and sailing etc. Along with these activities, the tennis and croquet courts are also there for the tourists. The staff members also play soccer with their guests during the sun set time. Kids can also love to visit this island as there is also a kids club where they display children film on such a large screen at the evening. There is a paper hanging on the pole near the hut which tells the activities of the day like jumping, capture the flag, woodworking, and fishing etc.

Enjoy Stay and Food with Amazing View

The resorts are built using the driftwood as a construction material as well as the roof is covered with the grass. Actually, there is a double layer of grass on the roof in order to improve the ventilation. So, that the rooms do not require the air conditioning. The solar panel heat up the water and the hybrid solar PV array endow the renewal energy for whole day.
There are two restaurants right on the beach which offers an eye-catching view of the sea. One of the restaurants is for couples and the second one is for the family. The visitors can enjoy their breakfast, lunch, and dinner by exploring the astonishing sight of the sea. A menu on the blackboard is available which covers all the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The couples can also order their private dinner on one of the nearby isles.

Some Interesting Facts about the Island

You can also walk through the jungle for exploring the 30 meters high Banyan trees. Actually, the banyan forest is the residence of different bird’s species. This is really an amazing sight to explore. The swimming pool for the elder as well as kid’s pictures perfect on the north eastern part of the Island. In fact, the bar is also on the isle where the waiters serve the strong cocktails in the early morning. After such a tiring day full of activities, individuals need some rest. No need to worry about it. This Isle will fulfil all the needs of visitors. A spa is also there next to the swimming pool where individuals can get different massage and treatments.

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