Best Luxury Winter Getaways of Greece


Greece is not only a wonderful summer destination. This Mediterranean country is the place of some magnificent mountains, ski resorts, opulent chalets and mouth watering cuisine, which makes it a top holiday destination throughout the year. Here are some of the best luxury winter destinations of Greece.

1. Parnassos

Parnassos is a majestic mountain and ski resort located just 2 hours away from the capital, Athens. Its closeness to the city, its verdant nature, the ancient relics of Delphi and some sumptuous local cuisine have turned its adjacent town, Arachova, into a ultimate winter retreat. Plush accommodation and fine dining has made this place immensely popular among tourists.

2. Arcadia

The beautiful mountains of Arcadia, a ski resort and an excellent river rafting point have made this place the most loved winter travel destination among tourists from all over the world. This place has a great historical importance and it offers some great mouth watering winter food. With a lot of things to do, see and taste, the classic villages around the Arcadia mountains make for a wonderful Winter getaway.

3. Kastoria

Kastoria has become a great travel destination throughout the year because of its enchanting and breath taking nature. This place is distantly located far away from the cities, near the borders of Albania and it features some wonderful winters, with a frozen landscape that will make your heart beat stop. The Aliakmonas river is ideal for rafting, the mountains are perfect for village hopping, and the old town district, Dolco, is famous for some illustrious architecture and sumptuous local food.

4. Korinthia

Korinthia has set foot in the winter destination league just a few years ago, when some plush chalets were erected in the adjacent mountains. With them some affordable traditional inns and fine dining eateries popped up as well. Take the romantic routes through the forest to experience the beauty of the lakes and the scenery. Korinthia’s vicinity to Athens makes it an ideal weekend destination, while the higher altitude boasts of freezing temperatures when the temperature of Athens is still warm.

5. Zagorochoria

Nothing can be wrong for you in Zagorochoria. You can’t really choose a village for your accommodation that’s not breathtakingly beautiful. Here the hotels, taverns, restaurants everything is more than perfect. Go for a rafting session in Voidomatis river, trek in the Vikos gorge and take a thrilling horse ride along the river. Zagorochoria is just 5 hours drive from the city of Athens which makes the experience even more wonderful.

6. Tzoumerka

Tzoumerka, is actually a number of traditional villages encircled by beautiful mountains, deep canyons and steep rocks. Ancient monasteries and dilapidated bridges will take you back to the past. The Arachthos river adds to the outstanding beauty of the landscape and it also offers a great rafting experience. It is undoubtedly a traveller’s dream destination.

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