Terre Boréale Reflects on One Year of B Corp Accreditation

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Terre Boréale, a Canadian leader in sustainable adventure travel in the Yukon Territories, distinguishes itself not only by the quality, originality, and diversity of its remote canoe and trekking expeditions, but also by its impressive B Corp worthy operation. The purpose-driven travel specialist operates a robust sustainable adventure program that cater to value-based travelers committed to supporting a tourism operator devoted to protecting its local community and the planet ahead of profit. 

Terre Boréale’s efforts to obtain a B Corp accreditation was no small feat. “The process was  rigorous, but it was worth every hour and dollar invested in the program application,” says  Maxime Bouyou-Beauchamps, Terre Boréale’s co-founder and operations director. “We are very proud of our accomplishment as there are only two receptive tour operators holding that title in the entire country,” added Maxime.  

After operating the business for nearly a decade, Terre Boréale has decided to enhance its  practices by operating, as much as possible, zero-waste remote wilderness canoe and trekking  expeditions to lesser-known mountain ranges and rivers, where very few North Americans and  Europeans have explored before. 

Whether paddling the Upper Liard River or following the trails of the gold prospectors on the  Yukon River, or flying in a helicopter or a bush plane to a remote lake, otherwise inaccessible,  there is something for all types of outdoors enthusiasts. Other adventurers may prefer exploring  the Ruby Range, one of the only places in the world where we can observe buffalos in their  natural habitat. Guests can also immerse in the Yukon Indigenous culture, hike along the Donjek Glacier with its astonishing vistas or go beyond the Arctic Circle to hike along the iconic Dempster Highway, passing by the Tombstone Territorial Park, one of those places travelers have on their bucket list. 

Hikers can explore Southern Yukon and venture into Kluane National Park by joining in the heart of the Coastal Mountains or the Kluane Colors expeditions. The hiking adventures to the majestic Ogilvie Mountains, with their rugged mountain peaks doesn’t disappoint, nor do the remote Hess Mountains, located 200 km away from civilization. Terre Boréale’s guides in-depth knowledge and safety measures needed when exploring these regions allows guests to fully  enjoy the expeditions without having to worry about anything, including the wildlife which can be  intimating to hikers with limited experience venturing into the remote wilderness.

The Yukon is home to many species; Buffalos, grizzlies bears, wild mountain sheep, caribou,  wolves, and majestic birds such as golden eagles or gyrfalcons. There is something for every  nature and animal lover in that part of the world. 

When visiting in the winter, travelers can experience the magic of the Aurora Borealis beyond  the Arctic Circle. Guests can also fly to a remote wooden cabin, feast on delicious food and  wine, go snowshoeing, or simply settle in the frozen beauty of Canada’s North. 

Terre Boréale’s guides take great pride in educating travelers about the company’s zero-waste  travel practices. They enjoy spoiling their guests by cooking delicious homemade meals made of locally sourced ingredients. “The wilderness culinary experience we provide our guests is  something we take to heart, being born and raised in France,” says Miléna Georgeault, Terre  Boréale’s co-founder. “We like to believe that the quality and richness of the experiences we  provide, and our commitment to protect the Yukon pristine environment and its unique culture,  may be what sets us apart.” 

As stewards of the land, Terre Boréale supports local conservation initiatives. In partnership with Indigenous communities and small local businesses, the company ensures that each journey contributes to the well-being of the land, its people, and the planet. 

Terre Boréale is proud of their B-Corp accreditation and the investment they’ve made to gain  that status. Their efforts will hopefully motivate other Canadian tourism suppliers to follow the  course.  

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About Terre Boréale
The family-owned and operated Yukon travel specialist was founded in 2013 in Whitehorse, in the Yukon Territories, by two passionate adventurers of French origin, Miléna Georgeault and Maxime Gouyou-Beauchamps. The tour operator specializes in sustainable trekking and canoeing expeditions in lesser-known regions of the Yukon. Terre Boréale’s mission is to create a positive impact on their clients and staff, the locals, and Indigenous nations, while preserving and protecting Yukon’s pristine environment and unique culture. The operator is committed to lead and manage, as much as they can, a zero-waste tourism operation. A decade after the company’s inception, Terre Boréale attained its B Corp accreditation. This great distinction showcases the company’s unwavering  commitment to sustainability and the transformation qualities of their programs.  In 2023, Terre Boréale was awarded the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award.

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