Applications Are Now Open for AdventureWeek Okinawa and AdventureNEXT Fiji

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The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is pleased to announce that Media and Buyer applications are now open for AdventureWeek Okinawa, which will be held 9-16 November 2024, and AdventureNEXT Fiji, which will take place 20-22 November 2024.

On the heels of the first Adventure Travel World Summit to be held in Asia, the Asia-Pacific region is poised for growing demand for sustainable adventure travel and experiences. Both AdventureWeek Okinawa and AdventureNEXT Fiji will provide official media and buyers the opportunity to experience the culture, soak in the landscapes, learn about unique products, and uncover new stories.

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AdventureWeek Okinawa

Haisai-Mensore! はいさい!めんそーれ!)is a greeting travelers can expect to hear upon arrival in Okinawa. This Ryukyu language, called Okinawan, is one of the six preserved Ryukyuan languages from the era of the Ryukyu Kingdom. AdventureWeek Okinawa will be the perfect introduction to this southernmost tip of Japan, showcasing all the culture, nature and adventure travel activities that this land has to offer. 

©️Okinawa Convention&Visitors Bureau

“During AdventureWeek Okinawa, participants will be able to experience first-hand the customs of the Ryukyu people and absorb the island’s refined sense of culture and history. An emphasis on ‘mutual assistance and cooperation’ – known on the islands as the Yuimaaru spirit, remains at the heart of the local community, and this can be felt and experienced in detail on the island,” said Daisuke Tonai, Executive Director of JNTO, Okinawa.

Okinawa is well-known for its preservation of traditions and culture, and is eager to share this lifestyle with the world. From wearing the Ryuso, a traditional Okinawan garment that dates back to the Ryukyu Kingdom period, to the creation of the traditional Ganshina Trivet, made from twisting the leaves of Yanbaru’s native Kuba palm tree into creative, practical objects, and many more. Another well preserved piece of history is the Okinawa Battle Sites like the Navy Underground Headquarters which showcase the high level of intelligence and forward-thinking that the Okinawans had at the time, and still strongly possess. 

©️Okinawa Convention&Visitors Bureau

Not only is Okinawa prefecture rich culture-wise, but it is also rich in nature and wildlife preservation. The Yanbaru region (山原), is the northern, forest-covered part of the Okinawa Island and contains an abundance of subtropical hills – perfect for hiking, cycling, camping, and more outdoor land activities. The Yanbaru National Park is a stretch of sustainable forests with over 1,800 species of plants and 3,600 species of wild animals.

“We always say that Japan has so many diverse adventures to offer, and this AdventureWeek will highlight just how different those experiences can be,” said Shannon Stowell, CEO of ATTA.

Okinawa’s adventure activities included abundant opportunities for diving, kayaking, wildlife watching, marine activities in some of the world’s clearest and most beautiful coral reefs, as well as experiencing the Japanese arts of calligraphy, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony.

“We are excited to partner with ATTA and are committed to highlighting the exciting world of adventure travel in Japan, focusing first on the amazing adventures Okinawa has to offer. As we grow and expand, we will be able to showcase other great travel destinations in Japan as well,” said Daisuke Tonai, Executive Director of JNTO, Okinawa.

AdventureNEXT Fiji

Held in partnership with Tourism Fiji, AdventureNEXT Fiji aims to highlight the breadth of unique experiences, natural wonders, and diverse landscapes the nation has to offer. The 333 islands of Fiji have it all: from marine activities to land activities, Fiji is also known for its culture of warmth, happiness, and hospitality.

“AdventureNEXT Fiji builds on Fiji’s debut at ATWS last year, and encompasses a strategy around community building and education for local operators, culminating in the event itself in November,” said Hannah Pearson, Asia-Pacific Regional Director of ATTA. “I believe it is the first step to showcasing the wonderful adventure opportunities of the Pacific.”

Fiji offers a spectacular range of activities. Travelers can go surfing, scuba diving or snorkeling through its expansive coral reefs, river tubing, rafting, kayaking through pristine blue waters, and exploring Fiji’s abundant marine life. 

©️Chris McLennan

From a cultural perspective, Fiji is equally impressive, offering a beautiful and heartwarming Indigenous culture through song, dance, and authentic cuisine. The word “Meke” meaning “All kinds of traditional song and dance,” offers a wide range of dances ranging from graceful fan performances to athletic war dances that will move every fiber of your body. Fijians take great pride in their performance as every performance tells a unique story of their history.

Cuisine is another important element of experiencing traditional  Fijian culture. Indigenous Fijian dishes are cooked in a “lovo,” an underground earth oven heated by hot stones. This technique produces beautifully tender food with great flavor and a light smokiness to it. 

“Fiji is brimming with untapped adventure and cultural riches just waiting to be discovered by the world’s most intrepid travelers,” said Leigh Howard, Chief Operating Officer of Tourism Fiji. “Our partnership with the Adventure Travel Trade Association allows us to showcase the incredible diversity of experiences we have to offer – from heart-pumping water sports and rainforest treks to immersive village stays and vibrant festivals. We eagerly anticipate welcoming adventurous visitors from across the globe to explore the hidden gems of our islands in 2024 and beyond.”

©️Chris McLennan

Some of the highlights of adventure travel opportunities in Fiji include:

  • The Mananuas Islands, famous for their crystal-clear waters, flawless beaches, show-stopping sunsets, and endless marine activities like snorkeling, diving, kayaking, surfing, and stand-up paddle boarding, to name just a few.
  • The Fiji Culture Village in Nadi, one of Fiji’s most unique cultural destinations that strongly showcases Fijian dance, history, food, and entertainment.
  • The Garden of the Sleeping Giant, located 6 km north of Nadi, features an impressive 2000 varieties of Asian orchids.

Tourism Fiji is proud to be a full member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), which underscores the country’s commitment to sustainable tourism practices. Recent efforts include transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) and installing solar chargers to minimize carbon emissions. Additionally, Fiji’s conservation efforts such as mangrove planting and coral restoration projects actively contribute to environmental preservation. 

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