Applications Now Open for AdventureWeek Finland

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The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is pleased to announce that buyer and media applications are now open for AdventureWeek Finland, which will take place 25 August-2 September 2024.

Held in partnership with Visit Oulu, Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association, Visit Finland and Adventure Apes Finland, AdventureWeek Finland aims to highlight the breadth of unique experiences, natural wonders, and diverse landscapes the country has to offer. Finland is frequently cited as “the happiest country in the world” which is no surprise given that 75% of the country is covered with forests, it has the world’s biggest archipelago, and it is home to Europe’s largest lake district and last untamed wilderness – Lapland.

Finland’s Arctic location and four distinct seasons offer travelers boundless opportunities for adventure throughout the year: from the long days and midnight sun of midsummer, to autumn’s colorful ruska – or  foliage – to winter’s northern lights and snow sports. Finland is well-known for its UNESCO heritage sauna culture, which is both a big part of everyday life for Finns and readily accessible for visitors.

© Visit Oulu

“We are very excited that this AdventureWeek will showcase two fascinating regions of Finland, Oulu and Ruka-Kuusamo, with a focus on summer activities,” said Gabi Stowell, ATTA Vice President of Regional Development. “The buyers and media attending will be able to learn and experience new and off-the-beaten path products that highlight a side of Finland people do not know about yet!”

Ruka-Kuusamo is a year-round outdoor recreation town surrounded by five different national parks, offering unmatched Nordic wilderness access. It features extensive hiking, cycling, and canoe routes, in addition to opportunities for wildlife viewing and nature photography. Sustainable practices and the local culture are embedded in all of the recreational experiences, including reindeer herding, relaxing in the traditional sauna, and tasting wild food. 

The other regional focus of AdventureWeek Finland, Oulu, is a seaside city known for its creativity and rich local culture – it has been named the European Capital of Culture 2026. Oulu is centrally-located in the heart of the Pohjola Route travel area, which has access to two national parks, UNESCO Global Geopark, the Arctic Archipelago, and the biggest island on the Bothnian Bay. It is also home to Europe’s most important bird wetlands and the southernmost fell area of Finland.

“Visit Finland has focused strongly on developing sustainable tourism, and this event provides a unique showcase for two exceptional destinations within Finland – Oulu and Ruka-Kuusamo. These destinations exemplify the essence of adventure travel, offering authentic, unique nature based experiences that can fit many enthusiastic travelers dreams,” shared representatives from the host destination. 

“Furthermore, our rich local culture is an integral part of the Finnish adventure. Immersing travelers in traditions and customs, Finland’s warm and authentic communities, reindeer herding culture which tell stories that enrich every journey. The culinary experience during AdventureWeek will introduce participants to the wild and delectable flavors of Finland. From foraged berries to fresh-caught fish, every meal is a celebration of sustainability and a connection to the natural bounty that surrounds this captivating destination.”

Buyers and select media from the United States, Western Europe, and Southeast and Central Asia are encouraged to learn more and apply for AdventureWeek Finland. Stay up to date with all events by visiting the events calendar page.

© Ruka Kuusamo Finland
© Visit Oulu
© Ruka Kuusamo Finland
© Ruka Kuusamo Finland

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