Slovakia’s High Tatras National Park Turns 75 in 2024

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Slovakia’s highlights are predominantly natural, and few would disagree that the High Tatras deserves the top spot. Not only is it the highest terrain in Slovakia, but the highest in the entire 1500km-long Carpathian range and, indeed, in eastern Europe. That said, in terms of overall area, it’s the smallest mountain chain of this altitude in the world: cue dramatically juxtaposing habitats and an eclectic mix of outdoor action, from hiking, and husky sledding up high, to rafting through the river gorges below. 

One of the features that makes this national park so appealing is the sheer abundance of peaks cresting 2500m – 25 in total. The High Tatras is one of the rare pockets of Europe outside the Alps to retain alpine characteristics, and the topographical palette greeting prospective visitors is vivid, falling across five contrasting zones.

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There are the lush valleys at around 700-800m; inky forests of Carpathian beech or spruce ascending to the 1500m mark; pale green expanses of kosodreviny or dwarf pine mostly straddling 1500-1700m; high-altitude grasslands known as luky that can rise to 2000m and, from 2000m to the mountaintops, the swathe of tarn-spattered tatry, barren, stony ground from which the word ‘Tatras’ is thought to derive.

Because of the close proximity of these zones, any one panorama here can comprise the greys, whites and blacks of the tatry, the deep blue of the tarns (mountain lakes) and the lusher hues of luky, kosodreviny and forest underneath. A single hike can catapult you through all five ecosystems in a few hours.

The diversity of landscapes that lures humans to explore also entices a bonanza of beasts, including three of Europe’s Big Five. The brown bear, wolf and Eurasian lynx could all spice up a day’s adventure. 

Long-term preservation has kept the environment especially pristine, too: authorities on the Slovak and Polish sides of the mountains collaborated to form the world’s first cross-border protected region here in the early 1950s. The national park is also UNESCO protected and as a company, we are very proud to promote the sustainability code under which the park operates. 

Have you ever adventured in  this unique, upland adventure playground? The flurry of peaks and the ease with which you can be up among them – either spying many of the continent’s most phenomenal animals or getting your adrenaline fix on the serrated, snowy slopes – make these mountains stand out. Tatra Escapes has been helping visitors and travellers to do just that! 

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Recognised as a specialist in active holidays in Slovakia, focusing on active outdoor getaways specifically around Slovakian national parks – Tatra Mountains, Slovak Paradise and Pieniny. Tatra Escapes is also the only UK based provider of tours to Slovakia led by native Slovakian. 

We focus on bringing people back to the nature in the form of active holiday, creating a seamless and sustainable experience for every traveller. We are a part of solo travellers community and create an environment, where everyone who travels solo, never really travels alone. 

The team’s passion for promoting Slovakia stems from being born and raised in Tatra Mountains, showcasing the beauty of the region and supporting local communities.

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