AdventureELEVATE Expands to Latin America and Europe in 2024 – Registrations Now Open

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Last fall, AdventureELEVATE made its global debut in Amman, Jordan, amid deserts, olive groves and ancient ruins. The decision to expand the event was a direct result of a growing demand for compact, regional events in key adventure travel destinations around the world. This year the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is thrilled to announce two new exciting AdventureELEVATE events in Latin America and Europe.

What is AdventureELEVATE?

Since its inception in North America in 2015, AdventureELEVATE has brought together media, outbound tour operators, and thought leaders in the adventure travel community. In addition to dedicated networking events and educational sessions, delegates have the opportunity to experience the host destination firsthand through a Day of Adventure. This includes specially-curated activities and experiences that showcase the unique aspects of the location and the current season.

Given the success of the events in North America and the growing interest from the adventure travel community to expand this regional event around the world, the ATTA decided to take the AdventureELEVATE brand to an international level. This will allow each event to dial down more into an area and connect with the adventure travel community in the region. Take a look at this video exploring the evolution of AdventureELEVATE!

AdventureELEVATE Latin America

Quito, Ecuador, will host the first AdventureELEVATE Latin America on 6-8 May, 2024. The capital city is a cultural hub boasting well-preserved historical architecture and modern constructions spread over the mountainous slopes. This vibrant city is conveniently located close to some of Ecuador’s top natural wonders.

“Ecuador is an incredible destination with the Galapagos, Amazon and Andes all in a place filled with incredible culture and nature,” said Shannon Stowell, ATTA CEO. Its size, roughly the size of Colorado, packs four different worlds in one small piece of land: Andean mountains and volcanoes, Amazonian jungles, paradisiacal coasts with warm water year-round, and the world’s unique treasure that is Galapagos.

During AdventureELEVATE Latin America, attendees will learn just how many ecosystems and adventure activities are available in Ecuador. From trekking around the Cotopaxi volcano, to birdwatching in the tropical Mindo Valley, to dipping into Papallacta’s hot springs, participants will have the opportunity to experience a number of diverse activities for themselves. 

“AdventureELEVATE Latin America will be a magnet for adventure travel professionals who wish to gather and be inspired, learn from each other and create new relationships in a continuation of ‘Una Fuerza’ [One Force] that has been the clarion call for years now,” said Stowell. “We highly anticipate this event being a driver of good, sustainable travel business.”

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AdventureELEVATE Europe

Later that month, the adventure travel community will convene in Kitzbühel, Austria on 21-23 May for the inaugural AdventureELEVATE Europe. Nestled within Austria’s Tyrolean Alps, the medieval town is best known for its world-class skiing and renowned Hahnenkamm race. 

Throughout the year, travelers have the opportunity to explore a variety of local experiences, ranging from enjoying delicious regional delicacies at the 60 alpine huts and mountain restaurants to strolling the narrow streets of the 750-year-old city center. 

“This event has been happening for many years now in North America and the demand for leaders in adventure travel to gather in Europe for dedicated community building in the region has led us to this point,” said Stowell. “Opportunities abound in a space that’s growing so rapidly and we anticipate a strong event that will educate and inspire delegates and create many new business leads as we seek to grow the sustainable responsible market of adventure travel.”

Registration, buyer, and media applications are now open for AdventureELEVATE Latin America, AdventureELEVATE Europe, and for the annual Adventure Travel World Summit which will be held 7-10 October in Panama City, Panama. Learn more and secure your spot by visiting the events calendar page and follow ATTA’s Instagram to stay up to date with all event announcements.

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