ECPAT-USA Has a New Name: PACT

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We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you. 

ECPAT-USA will now be known as PACT, or Protect All Children from Trafficking. Alongside this new name, PACT unveils a vibrant and refreshed look that reflects our unwavering commitment to ending these heinous crimes against childhood.

Discover PACT’s new look-and-feel by watching our short animated video!

You might be wondering why we decided to make this change? There are several important reasons behind our decision, each of which reinforces the organization’s core mission:

  • Name Recognition: Recognizing the importance of memorability and instant recognition, PACT embraces a name that resonates deeply with individuals who care about child protection.
  • United in the Mission: More than a name, PACT embodies our pledge to create a world where no child is bought, sold, or used for sex. It highlights the collective effort needed to eradicate child sex trafficking and emphasizes that together, we can make a difference.
  • A Bright and Colorful Future: PACT‘s new logo and imagery shift from a darker green to a bright and colorful palette. This visual transformation symbolizes our belief that child sexual exploitation and trafficking are not inevitable outcomes. Through vibrant colors, we seek to inspire hope and convey the possibility of eliminating these grave issues through education, advocacy and partnerships.
  • Inspiring Empathy into Action: PACT‘s new name and messaging are thoughtfully designed to engage individuals, raise awareness, and galvanize support for our mission. By inspiring empathy, PACT empowers individuals to take tangible actions that contribute to protecting children.
  • Honoring Resilience: PACT ‘s new look pays tribute to the resilience of every survivor. It is our commitment to ensure that their strength and courage are reflected in every aspect of the organization.

“Our name is our PACT to focus each and every day on furthering child protection. Our PACT to offer trusted resources in a time when the topic of child trafficking is clouded by misinformation. Our PACT to honor the wisdom of our Survivors’ Council. And our PACT to continue supporting children who are the most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, and ensuring that they are empowered with critical knowledge to keep them safe,” said Lori L. Cohen, CEO at PACT.

PACT announced its new name to an enthusiastic audience at the occasion of our annual Benefit, the Freedom Awards. The Freedom Awards is a unique event which celebrates leaders in the movement for their remarkable and long-term commitment to prevent child sexual exploitation and trafficking. This year’s Benefit was an unprecedented success, and PACT raised over $260.000 thanks to the generosity of all sponsors and supporters who attended the event. All funds raised will be used to support our awareness and prevention efforts to protect children.

James Dold, CEO of Human Rights for Kids and one of the 2023 Freedom Awards’ honoree, shared, “PACT is so special because it is an organization that understands the complexities of human trafficking. By working with all the systems – from child protection welfare to the juvenile justice system, PACT transforms the way children are treated and effectively pulls the people together to advocate for change.”

Proudly serving as the US member of the ECPAT global network, active in over one hundred countries, PACT remains dedicated to championing every child’s fundamental right to grow up free from sexual exploitation and trafficking.

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