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Our hearts are with all those impacted by the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria. The global ATTA community is rallying around our friends and members on the ground in the region who are dealing with unfathomable loss. Please consider donating to a reputable organization. Some options are noted below.

“This is one of the most devastating natural disasters in Türkiye in the last 1000 years. All these years, we took our guests from all over the world to show the ancient history and the rich culture of this beautiful part of the world. Now, we are going to the region to heal the wounds of our brothers and sisters and help them to get back on their feet. We have lost many guides in the disaster, making the devastation even more personal. The disaster area is very cold and under snow now, and the volunteers need sleeping bags, and tents for winter use. All contributions are welcomed.”

—Alper Ertubey, Owner of Hike and Sail Turkey, and long time ATTA member

Earthquake Emergency in Turkey – Rush Aid to Children in Turkey

Doctors Without Borders – First To Arrive, Last To Leave

Helping In Turkey – Samaritan’s Purse®


For those who would like to research their own organization, here is Charity Watch’s suggested list.

Please see our post on Instagram where our community is sharing more resources and ways to support.

For the ATTA Community

Tour operators often have the equipment, personnel and medical training to help in disasters. ATTA Adventure Champion, Alper Ertubey from Hike & Sail Turkey, has been sharing tragic updates with us, including the loss of many adventure guides who were together for a training in southern Turkey. They are sending volunteers to the disaster area with winter gear and tents that are desperately needed. They need help purchasing the gear at cost and have started this GoFundMe page. If you can, please donate or share the link or both.

Additionally, we have created this page on Adventure.Travel for travelers to learn how to help. This is a resource page that you can also share with your clients and travelers.

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